Woman smiling with teeth isolated on white backgroundWhat Is Cosmetic Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is very common, and in most cases, safe for anyone who is looking for a brighter and whiter smile. Unfortunately, due to the substances we eat and drink, along with natural aging and other chemical or environmental factors, our teeth do not stay as white as we would like.

The combination of applying a gentle whitening gel, and activating it with an intense beam of pure light that penetrates into the deep pores of the tooth, will make your teeth whiter quicker and the results will last longer.

Teeth discoloration can be a deeper concern caused by damage to the root, medication or genetics. If this is the situation, you should contact your dentist to rectify the underlying problem first.

What Should You Know About Cosmetic Teeth Whitening?

  • The teeth whitening gel is made of many common ingredients, including hydrogen peroxide, used within the dental community for years.
  • You will see a noticeable difference immediately following your session. The final results should be complete within a couple of days. Most patients will see a 5-14 shade difference depending on the original discoloration.
  • Whitening treatments cannot alter the color of fillings, porcelain crowns, or veneers.
  • If you suffer from ‘gum’ or ‘tooth’ sensitivity;  you may experience more than usual discomfort post treatment which may last up to 48 hours.